Baby Finnegan

When Liz and Jeff Long were expecting their first baby, they wanted to be prepared. They attended Kishwaukee Community Hospital’s Prepared Childbirth class. During the class, Liz and Jeff toured the Maternity Suites floor. “We learned about what to expect during labor and delivery, and what was going to happen each step of the way,” says Liz. “I found the breathing techniques to be very effective during my labor at home and at the hospital. It helped me relax and helped me feel more comfortable.”
After Liz gave birth, she received the breastfeeding support she needed at the hospital. The support did not stop when Liz brought her baby home. “A few days after I came home, Certified Lactation Consultant Judy Bergsmith, RN, IBCLC, visited and spent a couple of hours with me and my new baby, assisting us with breastfeeding,” says Liz. “I feel so lucky to have the support and resources right here in the community that I need to be successful with breastfeeding. Thanks to the classes, lactation support at the hospital and at home, and Dr. Karen Federici [MD], who is also a certified lactation consultant, my baby Finnegan is a healthy, exclusively breastfed five-month-old.”

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