3 weeks to a healthier you

3 weeks to a healthier you

Do you want to be healthier? Feel healthier? Look healthier?

Join Dr. Karen for this life-changing program...3 weeks to a healthier you!


By making simple lifestyle changes, and choosing whole plant-based foods, you can enjoy eating without counting calories. Or macros. Or points. 

Dr. Karen's in-depth, personalized, 3-week program will set you up for success by giving you the knowledge, tools, confidence, and motivation needed for your journey to a healthier you! 


Included in the 3 week program fee of only $149:

  • Weekly shopping lists and menus. 

  • Twice weekly virtual live group coaching sessions.

  • Virtual live events such as fitness, cooking, or shopping demonstrations. 

  • Meal planning guides, recipes, and tools to create your own.

  • Strategies for long term success, including managing family meals, holidays, eating out, etc. 

  • 24/7 group support in a private Facebook group, where you can get your questions answered, and share tips, recipe ideas, motivation, and wins!

  • Enjoy ongoing access to our community Facebook group for comaraderie & peer support. 


In just 3 weeks, you will

  • look and feel healthier
  • be more confident
  • establish new healthy lifestyle habits & strategies
  • be on the path to meeting and maintaining your long-term health goals!


Commit to yourself and let's get you started on your way to a healthier you!