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Pediatric Healthcare

At Family First, we specialize in pediatric care for children from birth through college. We listen to your concerns as parents, and allow plenty of time to answer your questions and provide guidance as your child grows.


As the mother of four children herself, Dr. Federici has a common-sense approach to pediatrics and parenting, and believes very strongly in healthy lifestyle and wellness. 


Wellness visits for infants and children provide important opportunities to monitor growth and development, detect abnormalities, complete routine screenings and immunizations, and provide anticipatory guidance for parents. We truly enjoy getting to know each and every child through regular visits.

If you or a loved one is having a new baby, give us a call!



Starting Solids with Your Baby

In Starting Solids with Your Baby, Dr. Karen Federici discusses a baby-led feeding approach in this video guide for parents as they introduce solid foods to their infant.

DVDs are available in our office!

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