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A Glorious Autumn Morning

A glorious morning today! With Pink's Raise Your Glass in my ear buds, I felt so energized on my hill run... like Rocky climbing the steps! So with no one around to see me, I pumped my fists in the air and sang along as I climbed. And from the top, the park looked glorious!

Glorious indeed! The vibrant colors of the changing leaves in the cool morning air, the pinkish sky of sunrise, and my Rocky-esque hill climb brought this memory to mind...

My children's Catholic school principal began each and every school day by saying,

"Today is a good day to do great things for the glory of God!”

What a powerful reminder! And what better way to do great things than to share the amazing gifts that God gave to each us?

I said to myself and I say to you, "Go out and share your gifts today!"

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