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Why a health challenge?

If you want to

be healthier

feel healthier

look healthier

then you owe it to yourself

to make some changes.

Commit. Start with 3 days!

3 day to a healthier you!

My WHY >>>

I love food! I love eating! This is not new. But middle-age has seemed to slow my metabolism and my weight has gradually crept up over the past 7-8 years. Despite my love of exercise.

It is embarrassing to admit this, but when I was a smug, fit, lactating, 40-yr-old, I did not have nearly enough empathy for women older than me who would sit in my office and tell me that as hard as they tried, they could not lose weight. They bemoaned their metabolisms and their "meno-pots" (aka pot bellies that appear near menopause).

But I didn't really buy it. I thought they just weren't trying hard enough, or they just weren't being honest with themselves. I would tell them to exercise more, eat less, etc... the usual spiel.

I was wrong. The same damn thing happened to me.

I tried running and working out more. I tried eating less. I tried keto. I tried intermittent fasting. But mostly I resigned myself to my new middle-aged fluff. Because my weight wasn't what mattered, right? Weight is just a number. I was still very active and feeling healthy.

And then 2020 happened. I tacked on about 10 pounds of the covid "19" during the spring. I was stress eating, enjoying-time-with-my-family eating, there's-nothing-else-to-do-except-cook-and-eat eating. And it was still winter! (it's basically still winter in IL until May) And the gyms were closed! You get the picture. I know I was not alone there.

The weight was one thing, but it really wasn't THE thing.

I just wasn't feeling healthy.

Warmer weather and getting back to my normal active self certainly helped. And eating less. But not focused on nutrition as much as convenience or whim. So one evening as I stood in Aldi contemplating the salami choices - one of my favorite treats- I realized I didn't even want it. What?! Why?! I've loved salami since childhood!

My body was speaking to me. My body was asking me to do better. My body was asking me to nourish it kindly. So I did.

Instead of salami, I bought 3x as many veggies as usual... and all of the fruit! Crazy to say it, but I'd gotten keto-brainwashed and had been limiting my fruit for years because fruit has somehow been vilified and given a bad rap for being 'high carb!' How did this happen to me? How did I let a fad diet take over my doctor brain??

I know how. Keto felt easy. It felt so bad it was good. I love butter and bacon! Who doesn't? But I also love fruits and veggies, and I know darn well how much better they are for my body than butter and bacon.

I lost sight of the big picture. Weight isn't the important thing. Health is the important thing. So I got healthier. I ate whole foods. Whole plant foots.

My staff noticed. I began cooking lunches for them because I want them to be healthier too. Ask them about it. Surprise, surprise... healthy foods that tastes delicious?! And satisfying?! Yep. Each and every day. Prepared in our little mini-kitchen upstairs. No gourmet kitchen needed!

It's simple...

No counting calories. No counting macros. No counting points.

Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat late at night.

Eat vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts/seeds. They're the starting lineup, they're the heavy hitters, they're the closers. Add a few pinch hits by the bench warmers... eggs, dairy, and meat/fish... if you want.

Move your body.

Drink water.

Simple. Common sense. Delicious.

Scared of new foods? Kids don't like vegetables? Don't like to cook? I can help. Try it for 3 days with me! This isn't just for middle aged women, this is for anyone who does not feel their healthiest self.

Start today to turn that around, to start down the journey to a healthier you!

P.S. I am at my lowest weight in years. I'll be 53 next week. I feel fabulous... how do you think I have enough energy to run my practice, be a mom, AND be personal chef for the office??

So NOW are you thinking of joining my virtual health challenge???

Have you already signed up?? YAY!!

If not, do it. Try 3 days, you won't regret it!

"I really regret eating healthy today." - said no one ever.

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